About Us

Clear Space London is a waste and rubbish removal company proudly based in South London. We happily take on work right across the city from both residential and commercial clients and we charge some of the most competitive prices in London for our services. We take all our rubbish collection work very seriously and we always tidy up after ourselves. We have experienced staff and we work with recycling agencies to achieve our high standards. We aim to recycle 80% of rubbish we collect and will only use a landfill as a last resort. We take our environmental responsibilities to you and the community at large incredibly seriously. We’re very proud of the fact that the rubbish removal work that Clear Space London do is held in the highest regard and we’re keen to help more people with their problem waste, so please get in touch!

Disposing of rubbish on any scale is often frustrating and there are lots of reasons why it may be better to give us a ring to sort it out for you wherever you are in London.

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